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Long Distance Service description

For long distance moves, the cost is typically determined by the weight or the size of the items needing to be moved and the distance.

Local moves are charged by the hour. The rate depends on the number of movers and the number of trucks that are required for the job. Your estimator will make the proper determination.

International Service description

Galaxy has been helping international businesses, government agencies, and various other international organizations to re-locate their employees and their families all over the globe.

Whether you're looking for long or short term storage, Galaxy guarantees that all of your items in storage are kept clean, safe and easily-accessible.

There are a few different kinds of boxes. You want to use the right boxes for the right types of items!

Moving Pads Service description

Moving blankets prevent damage by wrapping your valuables with a thick protective covering. Blankets also make great moving pads as well and can help protect larger objects from scuffs, scrapes, dents and abrasions.

Piano Moving Service description

Your piano is one of your prized possessions. When you need to move your piano, please trust it to the skilled professionals of Galaxy Moving Company.

Commercial Service description

We are commercial movers offering a wide range of solutions to our corporate customers for their specific needs. Our professional move team can relocate offices domestically and internationally, providing a host of services for seamless moves.